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SCORIP is a unique SaaS application to monitor Your Company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Specific KPIs can be set according to Your business structure and needs.

Following some easy and User-friendly steps, a specific KPI infrastructure can be easily set for each department and the results are presented through dynamic dashboards, real time charts and tables that demonstrate each department’s performance according to your specific Goals and Red Limits.

These results can be used in regular management and staff meetings to monitor the performance, discuss potential deviations, causes and effects from the desired company and department targets and create appropriate action plans based on these performance values.

Due to the role of the SCORIP’s Administrator all the required parameters based upon the needs of the company can be set up and administered.

The following steps are essential in order to set-up the SCORIP SaaS:



Department(s) Creation

The first step is to create in SCORIP the Departments(s) that will be monitored.

The name(s) of the Departments can be free defined.



KPI Creation

The next step is to create the company’s KPIs.

The name of each KPI has to be unique! In case of a duplicate an ERROR message will be displayed.



User Creation

The Administrator has to define the View-Only-Users that will entry data into SCORIP (maximum 9 in the Basic Package).

These users will be assigned with a different username and password (View only rights, no-administrative privileges).

They will be able to insert data to each KPI and view the Dashboard with the charts or the tables that the data is coming from.



KPI User Assignment

Each User who is already linked to a Department, will be assigned with specific KPIs from the list containing all available KPIs.



Dashboard Trend Analytics

Each View-Only-User can monitor the statistical information analysis from various dynamic Dashboards.

The Dashboards (based on a 3x3 matrix) can display all the possible 9 KPIs that have been defined per User (In the Basic Package are included 9 KPIs as maximum number per User).

A Dashboard can include charts as also data-tables.

More Dashboards per User can be defined (eg. for specific time periods over the year).



Web Services

Your IT team can link SCORIP to your existing IT systems through the set of our Web Services.

If we undertake this integration, additional service fees will be charged.



An upgraded version of SCORIP is in progress also for mobile devices such as telephones and tablets (ANDROID/iOS).