General Information

Information about SCORIP Suite

SCORIP is a software as a service suite of application to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of companies. These indicators can continuously provide an overview of various department’s key metrics and provide detailed information about business performance values.

A unique Administrator and license owner of SCORIP (Subscriber) can create the relevant company departments to be monitored, and set up specific metrics per department, defined as “Actual, Goal and Red limit values”.

These Metrics will be assigned by the Administrator to specific Users per Department, who are required to insert their specific metrics on specific dates, either manually or also as bulk entry in the pre-defined SCORIP format.

The Administrator defines also the dashboard that presents summarized or detailed data about the business performance over a time period or on specific dates.

SCORIP is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform. You can contact us for a free DEMO account for 14 days' trial period to evaluate its use as administrator of a company.

After the end of the trial period of 14 days, the company can either renew its subscription choosing the annual package in the subscription page and be able to continue using SCORIP or not and then the trial account will be automatically closed after these 14 days.

With one subscription, a company acquires two types of Users: one administrator and at least one or more users (max 9).

The Subscriber appointed by a company as the owner of the Software License is also its administrator: this user is required to specify all the parameters of the application: can create Departments, Users, KPIs, Timelines and Dashboard graphs.

The User: a user belongs to a department and has assigned KPIs as set by the Subscriber/administrator. To the User’s duties belong the data entry on the assigned time points. A dashboard as visualization of the User's metrics can be monitored ongoing.

Any modern web browser is fully supported. We recommend the use of Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome.

Full HD analysis resolution (1920 X 1080) is the optimal screen resolution for SCORIP.