Business KPIs

SCORIP as SaaS (Software as a Service) application is a hands-on tool for Business Performance Management giving you the ability to create your own specific and personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).



Business Analytics

Through an easy to use interface, managers and supervisors can build a dynamic environment for business analysis and control of business goals. SCORIP enables employees and managers to monitor their customized key business metrics and compare their own productivity with the performance throughout other internal departments of the organization or even with competitors in the same sector.



Business Dashboard

SCORIP dashboard visualizes the links between goals and trend patterns of their implemented results. Based on each company’s specific and personalized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the dashboard charts can deliver insights about missing targets regarding the company performance.


Your Benefits

Monitor the performance of various departments along their targets and implemented actions!

Detect trends and enjoy new insights!

Integrate data from various sources and save operational cost!